About The Project

Mel-Milaap Community Centre and website background
Anderson Mel – Milaap Centre is a community resource for people of all ages in Glasgow, particularly those living in the west side of the city. It also provides day care facilities for approximately 30 elderly people five days a week, offering hot food and other activities. It acquired charitable status in 1995.

The Mel- Milaap project strives to be a focal point and safe environment for the promotion and furtherance of multiculturism. It’s main aim is to foster and encourage tolerance and understanding of all cultures and religions.

The project is currently managed by an executive committee comprising 12 volunteer members, with sub groups formed for specific issues.

The centre has a part time administrator and caretaker, in partnership with the Social Work Department.

As a result of the committee’s efforts the centre is also used by other local organisations promoting such events such as Punjabi classes, English classes, dance lessons, yoga classes etc. It also holds an Indian visa and passport service every two weeks.

They have recently coordinated the building of an interactive website designed and developed for Scottish Sikhs as well as other individuals/organisations interested in Sikh culture and history. Also a DVD has been produced capturing interviews covering a wide cross section of the Sikh community currently residing in Glasgow. Copies of the DVD can be obtained from the Centre for a small cost. This entire project has been funded by the Heritage Lottery Fund. 
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